Wildlife – Flora & Fauna


Golf courses are custodians of a very wide range of flora and fauna and if well managed contribute greatly to the quantity and balance of wild life in the area.

Our Birds

Prestbury is home to numerous birds both permanent and transient we know when the good weather is coming by the return of the swallows around the club house. It is hard to miss the grey herons who nest in the trees above the 12th green and fish in the nearby stream. The daylight hunters include the kestrel. In the evening after dark it is possible to see the barn owl and the little owl who nest in boxes around the course. With so many wooded areas you would expect and you would find green and lesser spotted woodpeckers. Around the clubhouse in Summer are the swallows and martins and the pied wagtail who scurry about on the putting green! Kingfisher can be seen by the stream, where the mallard ducks also nest. Around the course we can hear the skylarks, hear the woodpeckers and in the spring wait for that first call of the cuckoo. The pheasants and red legged partridge visit us regularly, and many of the pigeon family are resident around the course mainly the woodpigeon and collared dove. The magpie, his cousin the jay the other members of the crow family can be seen pulling up turf in their hunt for the chafer grubs to feed their families.

Our Animals

You may expect to see the local rabbits, grey squirrels and the occasional stoat and weasel as you walk around the course. The local foxes also have their paths across the course, and many voles live in banks of the streams. You might glimpse the mink who live in the hollow below the 14th tee and 12th green. A visit at night would reveal the badgers who live in the banks of the stream between the 13th and 16th fairways and who occasionally intrude onto the tees and fairways in their hunt for worms.

Our Plants and Trees

Plants, trees and shrubs, including acers, azaleas, rhododendrons and heathers, are planted around the Clubhouse to provide colourful and varied surrounding.In contrast, the course provides only the natural colours of the mainly indigenous trees, bushes, plants and wild flowers.

On and around the course, woodland management is an ongoing task. Trees need a long term management program to provide for storm damage, old age and disease. We lost nearly 100 trees in the severe gale of February 2007. The trees which we remove today will allow the remaining specimen trees to thrive and be enjoyed by generations to come.

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