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This golf course was brilliantly designed by Harry Shapland Colt, who might be described as the founder of golf course architecture in the British Isles. Golf, before he came along, was a game of straight lines and sharp angles. Colt introduced curves and created visual challenges to tease the golfer. He was also the first course designer to appreciate how golf could be a delightful walk through beautiful vistas.

At the opening of the Prestbury course in April 1924, the Daily Dispatch wrote: "Prestbury is a notable addition to the really good golf courses in the North West. Mr H S Colt, who laid it out, has scored a real success here. On land which is surprisingly well suited to the game, he has created a course with bold and striking features – a quite exceptional course". Prestbury thus offers many attractive and challenging holes, where you will see many examples of Harry Colt's signature heart shaped bunkers, his McKenzie greens and – where the topography lends itself – several raised greens.

The predominantly sandy soil with a pH of around 6 naturally supports the bents and fescues which make up the grasses on the course. The course drains exceptionally well and is rarely closed. This is achieved through the natural drainage which is allowed to perform to its full potential by the implementation of a management programme aimed at promoting firm, dry textured turf with excellent year round playability, with overseeding of both greens and fairways helping to maintain the health of the turf. The rough is predominantly made up of tall fescue and browntop bent, which both offer protection and a food source to the smaller inhabitants of the course.

The sand in our bunkers is the same sand which occurs naturally across the course, where it contributes to the free draining qualities of our turf. The rainfall in East Cheshire is about 35 inches per year so that watering of the turf is not as important and controlling a factor as in other drier regions. Prestbury does have a full sprinkler system installed, with water piped from the local brook, but this is used sparingly to maintain the colour, appearance texture and growth of our fine turf.

As you walk from hole to hole you will see and appreciate the varied and colourful plants and animals, habitats and landscape features along the way. The views and the ecosystems change as you walk around the golf course because of the localised differences in the topography of the sandy hilly areas, the darker woods and the lower valleys.

We have left many areas of the course in their natural state, such as the hollows below the 14th and 17th and the wooded areas which border the course. We use as little pesticides and fertilisers as possible, enough to ensure that the playing course is presented in an acceptable manner.

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